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King James Dictionary [1]

OPEN, a o'pn.

1. Unclosed not shut as, the gate is open an open door or window an open book open eyes. 2. Spread expanded. He received his son with open arms. 3. Unsealed as an open letter. 4. Not shut or fast as an open hand. 5. Not covered as the open air an open vessel. 6. Not covered with trees clear as an open country or field. 7. Not stopped as an open bottle. 8. Not fenced or obstructed as an open road. 9. Not frosty warmer than usual not freezing severely as an open winter.

An open and warm winter portendeth a hot and dry summer.

Johnson interprets open, in this passage, by not cloudy, not gloomy. I think the definition wrong. In America, an open winter is one in which the earth is not bound with frost and covered with snow.

10. Public before a court and its suitors. His testimony was given in open court. 11. Admitting all persons without restraint free to all comers. He keeps open house at the election. 12. Clear of ice as, the river or the harbor is open. 13. Plain apparent evident public not secret or concealed as an open declaration open avowal open shame open defiance. The nations contend to open war or in open arms. 14. Not wearing disguise frank sincere unreserved candid artless.

He was held a man open and of good faith.

His generous, open undesigning heart.

15. Not clouded not contracted or frowning having an air of frankness and sincerity as an open look.

With aspect open shall erect his head.

16. Not hidden exposed to view.

We are to exercise our thoughts and lay open the treasures of divine truth.

17. Ready to hear or receive what is offered.

His ears are open to their cry.  Psalms 34 .

18. Free to be employed for redress not restrained or denied not precluding any person.

The law is open.  Acts 19 .

19. Exposed not protected without defense. The country is open to the invaders.

- Hath left me open to all injuries.

20. Attentive employed in inspection.

Thine eyes are open upon all the ways of the sons of men -  Jeremiah 32 .

21. Clear unobstructed as an open view. 22. Unsettled not balanced or closed as an open account.

Open accounts between merchants.

23. Not closed free to be debated as a question open for discussion. 24. In music, an open note is that which a string is tuned to produce.

OPEN, o'pn.

1. To unclose to unbar to unlock to remove any fastening or cover and set open as, to open a door or gate to open a desk. 2. To break the seal of a letter and unfold it. 3. To separate parts that are close as, to open the lips to open the mouth or eyes or eyelids to open a book. 4. To remove a covering from as, to open a pit. 5. To cut through to perforate to lance as, to open the skin to open an abscess. 6. To break to divide to split or rend as, the earth was opened in many places by an earthquake a rock is opened by blasting. 7. To clear to make by removing obstructions as, to open a road to open a passage the heat of spring opens rivers bound with ice. 8. To spread to expand as, to open the hand. 9. To unstop as, to open a bottle. 10. To begin to make the first exhibition. The attorney general opens the cause on the part of the king or the state. Homer opens his poem with the utmost simplicity and modesty. 11. To show to bring to view or knowledge.

The English did adventure far to open the north parts of America.

12. To interpret to explain.

- While he opened to us the Scriptures.  Luke 24 .

13. To reveal to disclose. He opened his mind very freely. 14. To make liberal as, to open the heart. 15. To make the first discharge of artillery as, to open a heavy fire on the enemy. 16. To enter on or begin as to open a negotiation or correspondence to open a trade with the Indies. 17. To begin to see by the removal of something intercepted the view as, we sailed round the point and opened the harbor.

OPEN, o'pn.

1. To unclose itself to be unclosed to be parted.

The earth opened and swallowed up Dathan, and covered the company of Abiram.  Psalms 106 .

2. To begin to appear. As we sailed round the point, the harbor opened to our view. 3. To commence to begin. sales of stock open at par. 4. To bark a term in hunting.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( a.) Without reserve or false pretense; sincere; characterized by sincerity; unfeigned; frank; also, generous; liberal; bounteous; - applied to personal appearance, or character, and to the expression of thought and feeling, etc.

(2): ( a.) Not of a quality to prevent communication, as by closing water ways, blocking roads, etc.; hence, not frosty or inclement; mild; - used of the weather or the climate; as, an open season; an open winter.

(3): ( a.) Not settled or adjusted; not decided or determined; not closed or withdrawn from consideration; as, an open account; an open question; to keep an offer or opportunity open.

(4): ( a.) Free or cleared of obstruction to progress or to view; accessible; as, an open tract; the open sea.

(5): ( v. t.) To spread; to expand; as, to open the hand.

(6): ( a.) Free; disengaged; unappropriated; as, to keep a day open for any purpose; to be open for an engagement.

(7): ( v. t.) To make or set open; to render free of access; to unclose; to unbar; to unlock; to remove any fastening or covering from; as, to open a door; to open a box; to open a room; to open a letter.

(8): ( v. t.) To make known; to discover; also, to render available or accessible for settlements, trade, etc.

(9): ( v. t.) To disclose; to reveal; to interpret; to explain.

(10): ( a.) Free of access; not shut up; not closed; affording unobstructed ingress or egress; not impeding or preventing passage; not locked up or covered over; - applied to passageways; as, an open door, window, road, etc.; also, to inclosed structures or objects; as, open houses, boxes, baskets, bottles, etc.; also, to means of communication or approach by water or land; as, an open harbor or roadstead.

(11): ( a.) Uttered, as a consonant, with the oral passage simply narrowed without closure, as in uttering s.

(12): ( v. t.) To enter upon; to begin; as, to open a discussion; to open fire upon an enemy; to open trade, or correspondence; to open a case in court, or a meeting.

(13): ( v. i.) To bark on scent or view of the game.

(14): ( v. i.) To begin; to commence; as, the stock opened at par; the battery opened upon the enemy.

(15): ( a.) Not concealed or secret; not hidden or disguised; exposed to view or to knowledge; revealed; apparent; as, open schemes or plans; open shame or guilt.

(16): ( v. i.) To expand; to spread out; to be disclosed; as, the harbor opened to our view.

(17): ( v. i.) To unclose; to form a hole, breach, or gap; to be unclosed; to be parted.

(18): ( v. t.) To loosen or make less compact; as, to open matted cotton by separating the fibers.

(19): ( a.) Produced by an open string; as, an open tone.

(20): ( a.) Not closed or stopped with the finger; - said of the string of an instrument, as of a violin, when it is allowed to vibrate throughout its whole length.

(21): ( a.) Not drawn together, closed, or contracted; extended; expanded; as, an open hand; open arms; an open flower; an open prospect.

(22): ( a.) Free to be used, enjoyed, visited, or the like; not private; public; unrestricted in use; as, an open library, museum, court, or other assembly; liable to the approach, trespass, or attack of any one; unprotected; exposed.

(23): ( a.) Uttered with a relatively wide opening of the articulating organs; - said of vowels; as, the an far is open as compared with the a in say.

(24): ( n.) Open or unobstructed space; clear land, without trees or obstructions; open ocean; open water.

Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types [3]

 Numbers 24:3 (a) This word represents an illuminated vision wherein the one who was blind to the things of GOD, and the Word of GOD, has been touched by the Spirit of GOD so that he now sees things as GOD sees them, and evaluates things according to the mind of GOD.

 Nehemiah 1:6 (a) When the servant of GOD prayed this prayer, it was not that he thought GOD's eyes were closed, but rather that GOD would in a special way look upon the destruction of Jerusalem and be moved by the needs of the people in their dire distress. He was asking that GOD would give special attention at that special time. (See also1Ki  8:29;  2 Chronicles 6:20).

 Psalm 5:9 (a) The vile things that come out of some people's mouths is compared to the stench that comes from an open grave. This is quoted in  Romans 3:13 as a description of the ungodly.

 Psalm 34:15 (a) It is quite evident that GOD is ready to hear and answer those who live righteously and seek the glory of GOD, and His interests.

 Psalm 81:10 (b) The picture is that of the baby birds in the nest. They hear the fluttering of the wings of the parent bird, and at once stretch open their mouths to receive the food. It is the Lord's desire that we do the same toward Him.

 Psalm 118:19 (a) This describes the great welcome which the sinner receives from his loving Lord when he comes to Him to get rid of his sins, and receive the gift of righteousness, as is described in  Romans 5:17.

 Isaiah 22:22 (a) Our Lord Himself makes the opportunities for service. He describes this same truth in  Colossians 4:3 and  Revelation 3:7. He sets aside hindrances and removes those who oppose, in order that His Word may enter the hearts and the lives of those for whom He died.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [4]

ō´p ' n  : In the Old Testament represents chiefly פּתח , pāthaḥ , but also other words, as גּלה , gālāh , "to uncover"; of the opening of the eyes in vision, etc. (thus Balaam,   Numbers 22:31;  Numbers 24:4; compare  Job 33:16;  Job 36:10;  Psalm 119:18;  Jeremiah 32:11 ,  Jeremiah 32:14 ). In the New Testament the usual word is ἀνοίγω , anoı́gō (of opening of mouth, eyes, heavens, doors, etc.). A peculiar word, τραχηλίζομαι , trachēlı́zomai (literally, to have the neck bent back, to be laid bare), is used for "laid open" before God in  Hebrews 4:13 .