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People's Dictionary of the Bible [1]

Elealeh ( Ç-Le-Â'Leh ), Whither God Ascends. A city east of Jordan; given to the Reubenites,  Numbers 32:3;  Numbers 32:37; afterward possessed by Moab.  Isaiah 15:4;  Isaiah 16:9;  Jeremiah 48:34; now El-AʾAl, "the high," one mile northeast of Heshbon.

Smith's Bible Dictionary [2]

Elea'leh. (The Ascending Of God). A place on the east of Jordan, taken possession of and rebuilt by the tribe of Reuben.  Numbers 32:3;  Numbers 32:37. By Isaiah and Jeremiah, it is mentioned as a Moabite town.  Isaiah 15:4;  Isaiah 16:9;  Jeremiah 48:34.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [3]

E. of Jordan, in the portion of Reuben ( Numbers 32:3;  Numbers 32:37). Appropriated by Moab, and named as a Moabite town by Isaiah ( Isaiah 15:4;  Isaiah 16:9;  Jeremiah 48:34) along with Heshbon. Now El-A'al, "the high," a mile N. of Heshbon, commanding a wide view of the plain and southern Belka.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [4]

ELEALEH (  Numbers 32:3;   Numbers 32:37 ,   Isaiah 15:4;   Isaiah 16:9 ,   Jeremiah 48:34 ). A town of the Moabite plateau, conquered by Gad and Reuben, and rebuilt by the latter tribe. It is now the ruined mound of el-‘Al , about a mile N. of Heshbon.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [5]

City on the east of the Jordan, possessed by Reuben, but afterwards taken by the Moabites.  Numbers 32:3,37;  Isaiah 15:4;  Isaiah 16:9;  Jeremiah 48:34 . Identified with ruins at el Al, signifying 'the high,' 31 49' N, 35 49' E . It is 3064 feet above the sea.

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [6]

A town of the Amorites, near Heshbon their capital, assigned to the tribe of Reuben,  Numbers 32:3,37 , and long afterwards threatened as a city of Moab,  Isaiah 15:4;  16:9;  Jeremiah 48:34 . Its ruins, now El- Aal, are a mile or more northeast of Heshban.

Holman Bible Dictionary [7]

 Numbers 32:3 32:37 Isaiah 15:4 Isaiah 16:9 Jeremiah 48:34

Easton's Bible Dictionary [8]

 Numbers 32:3,37 Isaiah 15:4 16:9 Jeremiah 48:34

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [9]

ē - lē̇ - ā´le ( אלעלה , 'el‛ālēh , "God has ascended"): Lay in the country taken from Sihon and within the lot given to Reuben ( Numbers 32:3 ,  Numbers 32:17 f). "Their names being changed" seems to apply to all the towns mentioned. There is no indication of the other names. Elealeh is noticed with Heshbon in the oracles against Moab in   Isaiah 15:4;  Isaiah 16:9;  Jeremiah 48:34 . Eusebius ( Onomasticon ) locates it one Roman mile from Heshbon. It is represented today by el‛Āl , a mound crowned with ruins, about a mile North of Ḥesbān ̌ .

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [10]

Elea´leh, a town of the Reubenites east of the Jordan ; but which is named by the prophets as a city of the Moabites (;; ). It is usually mentioned along with Heshbon; and accordingly travelers find in the neighborhood of that city a ruined place, bearing the name of El Aal, which doubtless represents Elealeh. It stands upon the summit of a hill, and takes its name from its situation, Aal meaning 'high.' It commands the whole plain, and the view from it is very extensive. It is about a mile and a quarter north-east of Heshbon.