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King James Dictionary [1]

D'Ark, a.

1. Destitute of light obscure. A dark atmosphere is one which prevents vision. 2. Wholly or partially black having the quality opposite to white as a dark color or substance. 3. Gloomy disheartening having unfavorable prospects as a dark time in political affairs.

There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire, which beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. Irving.

4. Obscure not easily understood or explained as a dark passage in an author a dark saying. 5. Mysterious as, the ways of Providence are often dark to human reason. 6. Not enlightened with knowledge destitute of learning and science rude ignorant as a dark age. 7. Not vivid partially black.  Leviticus 13 8. Blind. 9. Gloomy not cheerful as a dark temper. 10. Obscure concealed secret not understood as a dark design. 11. Unclean foul. 12. Opake. But dark and opake are not synonymous. Chalk is opake, but not dark. 13. Keeping designs concealed.

The dark unrelenting Tiberius. Gibbon.

D'Ark, n.

1. Darkness obscurity the absence of light. We say we can hear in the dark.

Shall the wonders be known in the dark? Ps. 1xxxviii.

2. Obscurity secrecy a state unknown as, things done in the dark. 3. Obscurity a state of ignorance as, we are all in the dark.


1. To make dark to deprive of light as, close the shutters and darken the room. 2. To obscure to cloud.

His confidence seldom darkened his foresight. Bacon.

3. To make black.

The locusts darkened the land.  Exodus 10

4. To make dim to deprive of vision.

Let their eyes be darkened.  Romans 11

5. To render gloomy as, all joy is darkened.  Isaiah 24 6. To deprive of intellectual vision to render ignorant or stupid.

Their foolish heart was darkened.  Romans 1

Having the understanding darkened.  Ephesians 4

7. To obscure to perplex to render less clear or intelligible.

Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?  Job 38 .

8. To render less white or clear to tan as, a burning sun darkens the complexion. 9. To sully to make foul.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( n.) The condition of ignorance; gloom; secrecy.

(2): ( a.) Destitute, or partially destitute, of light; not receiving, reflecting, or radiating light; wholly or partially black, or of some deep shade of color; not light-colored; as, a dark room; a dark day; dark cloth; dark paint; a dark complexion.

(3): ( a.) Foreboding evil; gloomy; jealous; suspicious.

(4): ( a.) Evincing black or foul traits of character; vile; wicked; atrocious; as, a dark villain; a dark deed.

(5): ( v. t.) To darken to obscure.

(6): ( a.) Deprived of sight; blind.

(7): ( n.) Absence of light; darkness; obscurity; a place where there is little or no light.

(8): ( a.) Destitute of knowledge and culture; in moral or intellectual darkness; unrefined; ignorant.

(9): ( a.) Not clear to the understanding; not easily seen through; obscure; mysterious; hidden.

(10): ( n.) A dark shade or dark passage in a painting, engraving, or the like; as, the light and darks are well contrasted.