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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Dab'basheth. (A Hill-Place). A town on the boundary of Zebulun.  Joshua 19:11.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [2]

Border city of Zebulon.  Joshua 19:11 . Identified with ruinsat ed Dabsheh, 33 N, 35 16' E.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [3]

A town on the boundary of Zebulun ( Joshua 19:11). Now Duweibeh.

Holman Bible Dictionary [4]

 Joshua 19:11

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [5]

(Heb. Dabbe'sheth, דִּבֶּשֶׁת , a camel's hump, as in  Isaiah 30:6, q. d. Camel- hump Hill; Sept. Δαβασθέ , Alex. Δαβασθαί , Vat. Βαιθάραβα ; Vulg. Debbaseth ), a place on the boundary-line of the tribe of Zebulon, between Maralah and Jokneam ( Joshua 19:11; see Keil, Comment . in loc.); apparently the modern Jebata, which seems likewise to correspond to one of the places named Gabatha (Euseb. Γαβαά and Γαβαθά ), located, by Jerome ( Onomast. s.v. Gabathon) near Diocaesarea, in the plain of Legio (Robinson, Researches , 3, 201, whose map places it east of Uknufis, apparently by an error; see Van de Velde, Memoir , p. 1-10). It was again visited by Dr. Robinson ( Later Res. p. 113), but is not described by him (comp. Ritter, Erdkunde , 16:748). Knobel suggests ( Jos. Erklart , p. 458) that the name in the Onomasticon may have arisen from a Hebrew epithet ( גּבְעִת , i.e. Gibeath , q. d. the Hill of the plain), a view which its isolation from the camel ridge seems to confirm (Ritter, 16:700), although the modern village seems to be upon a very slight, if any eminence.