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Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary [1]

The method of building both in Barbary and the Levant seems to have continued the same from the earliest ages. All the windows open into private courts, if we except sometimes a latticed window or balcony toward the street. It is only during the celebration of some zeenah, or public festival, that these houses and their latticed windows are left open; for this being a time of great liberty, repelling, and extravagance, each family is ambitious of adorning both the inside and outside of their houses with the richest part of their furniture; while crowds of both sexes, dressed out in their best apparel, and laying aside all ceremony and restraint, go in and out where they please. The account we have,   2 Kings 9:30 , of Jezebel's painting her face, tiring her head, and looking out at a window upon Jehu's public entry into Jezreel, gives us a lively idea of an eastern lady at one of those solemnities.