Tribe Of Judah

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Easton's Bible Dictionary [1]

  • The "wilderness," the sunken district next the Dead Sea ( Joshua 15:61 ), "averaging 10 miles in breadth, a wild, barren, uninhabitable region, fit only to afford scanty pasturage for sheep and goats, and a secure home for leopards, bears, wild goats, and outlaws" ( 1 Samuel 17:34;  22:1;  Mark 1:13 ). It was divided into the "wilderness of En-gedi" ( 1 Samuel 24:1 ), the "wilderness of Judah" ( Judges 1:16;  Matthew 3:1 ), between the Hebron mountain range and the Dead Sea, the "wilderness of Maon" ( 1 Samuel 23:24 ). It contained only six cities.

    Nine of the cities of Judah were assigned to the priests ( Joshua 21:9-19 ).

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