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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Shi'cron. (Drunkenness). One of the landmarks, at the western end of the north boundary of Judah. In  Joshua 15:11 only. It lay between Ekron ( Akir ) and Jabneel ( Yebna ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [2]

A landmark at the W. end of the northern boundary of Judah ( Joshua 15:11); between Ekron and Jabneel.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [3]

Boundary in the north-west of Judah.  Joshua 15:11 . Not identified.

Holman Bible Dictionary [4]

 Joshua 15:11

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [5]

[some Shic'ron] (Heb. Shikron', ] שַׁכְרוֹ , Drunkenness [as in  Ezekiel 23:33;  Ezekiel 39:19; but Furst says fruitfulness]; Sept. Σοκχώθ v.r. Ἀκκαρωνά [imitating the ה directive]), a town near the western end of the northern boundary of Judah, between Ekron and Mt. Baalah towards Jabneel ( Joshua 15:11). It seems to have been in Dan, as it is not enumerated among the cities of Judah ( Joshua 15:21-63). The Targum gives it as Shikaron , and with this agrees Eusebius ( Onomast. s.v. Σαχωράν ) , though no knowledge of the locality of the place is to be gained from his notice. Neither Schwarz ( Palest. p. 98) nor Porter ( Handb. For Pal. p. 275) has discovered any trace of it. It is, perhaps, the present ruined village Beit Shit, about halfway between Ekron and Ashdod.