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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [1]

1: Ἀποδίδωμι (Strong'S #591 — Verb — apodidomi — ap-od-eed'-o-mee )

"to give up or back," is translated "to render," (a) of righteous acts, (1) human,  Matthew 21:41;  22:21;  Mark 12:17;  Luke 16:2 , RV (AV, "give");  Luke 20:25;  Romans 13:7;  1—Corinthians 7:3; (2) Divine,  Matthew 16:27 , RV, "shall render" (AV, "shall reward"), an important RV change;  Romans 2:6;  2—Timothy 4:14 , RV (AV, "reward");  Revelation 18:6 (ditto); 22:12, RV (AV, "give"); (b) of unrighteous acts,   Romans 12:17 , RV (AV, "recompense");  1—Thessalonians 5:15;  1—Peter 3:9 . See Deliver , A, No. 3, Recompense, B No. 2.

2: Ἀνταποδίδωμι (Strong'S #467 — Verb — antapodidomi — an-tap-od-ee'-do-mee )

"to give in return for," is translated "render" in  1—Thessalonians 3:9 . See Recompense , Repay.

3: Παρέχω (Strong'S #3930 — Verb — parecho — par-ekh'-o )

"to furnish, provide, supply," is translated "render" in  Colossians 4:1 , RV (AV, "give"), of what is due from masters to servants. See Give , No. 8.

4: Δίδωμι (Strong'S #1325 — Verb — didomi — did'-o-mee )

"to give," is translated "rendering" in  2—Thessalonians 1:8 , RV (AV, "taking"), of the Divine execution of vengeance at the revelation of Christ from heaven hereafter. See Give , No. 1.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( v. t.) Hence, to furnish; to contribute.

(2): ( v. t.) To plaster, as a wall of masonry, without the use of lath.

(3): ( n.) One who rends.

(4): ( v. i.) To give an account; to make explanation or confession.

(5): ( v. t.) To cause to be, or to become; as, to render a person more safe or more unsafe; to render a fortress secure.

(6): ( v. t.) To return; to pay back; to restore.

(7): ( v. t.) To inflict, as a retribution; to requite.

(8): ( v. t.) To give up; to yield; to surrender.

(9): ( v. t.) To interpret; to set forth, represent, or exhibit; as, an actor renders his part poorly; a singer renders a passage of music with great effect; a painter renders a scene in a felicitous manner.

(10): ( v. t.) To furnish; to state; to deliver; as, to render an account; to render judgment.

(11): ( n.) A surrender.

(12): ( v. t.) To translate from one language into another; as, to render Latin into English.

(13): ( v. t.) To try out or extract (oil, lard, tallow, etc.) from fatty animal substances; as, to render tallow.

(14): ( n.) An account given; a statement.

(15): ( n.) A return; a payment of rent.

(16): ( v. i.) To pass; to run; - said of the passage of a rope through a block, eyelet, etc.; as, a rope renders well, that is, passes freely; also, to yield or give way.

King James Dictionary [3]

REND'ER, n. from rend. One that tears by violence.