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Pollio [1]

a name common to a number of Lutheran theologians, of whom we mention the following:

1. JOACHIM, who was born Aug. 26, 1577, at Breslan, in Silesia. He pursued his studies at Leipsic, where he became magister of philosophy in 1597. In 1602 he was pastor at Buntzlau, in 1607 provost of the Church of the Holy Ghost and pastor of St. Bernard in Breslau; in 1615 he was made assessor of the evangelical consistory; in 1618 he was appointed pastor of St. Mary Magdalene, and died Jan. 29, 1644. He wrote Centurias duas consiliosrum theologicorum.

2. LUCAS, who was born at Breslau in 1536. He studied at Frankfort and Wittenberg. In the latter place he especially attended the lectures of Melancthon on the Greek language. In 1562 he was appointed professor at the St. Elizabeth Gymnasium in Breslau; but three years afterwards, in 1565, he went to Leipsic for the study of Hebrew and theology. In the same year he was appointed deacon of St. Elizabeth in his native place, and in 1567 he was made pastor of St. Mary Magdalene. He died July 31, 1583. Lucas Pollio left a number of sermons behind him.

3. Lucas, son of Joachim, who was born Aug. 4, 1605, at Breslau. He studied at Leipsic, where he also was archdeacon of St. Nicolai. He died April 25, 1643. See Pantke, Pastores Der Kirche Zu St. Elisabeth In Breslau; the same, Pastores Zu St. Maoria Magdalene; Adami Vitae Theol. German. Eruditorum, 1, 158; Jocher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, s.v. (B. P.)