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Physicians [1]

The medical skill of the Egyptians was widely celebrated. Each physician confined his practice to diseases of a single class, and thus a large household would require the attendance of numerous physicians,  Genesis 50:2 . The Hebrews also had professional physicians,  Exodus 21:19   Proverbs 17:22   Matthew 9:12   Luke 4:23   8:43 . In the early ages they had little anatomical skill, partly on account of the ceremonial defilement caused by touching a corpse. They gave their attention to external rather than to internal injuries and diseases,  Isaiah 1:6   Ezekiel 30:21; though they also prescribed for internal and mental disorders,  1 Samuel 16:16   2 Chronicles 16:12 . They made use of sales, balms, and poultices, hyssop, oil baths, mineral baths, and river bathing, with many other remedies,  Jeremiah 46:11 . Many wickedly had recourse to amulets and enchantments.