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Perseus [1]

( Περσεύς , the name originally of a mythological Greek character, Vulg. Perses ) , the eldest (illegitimate or supposititious? ) son of Philip V and last king of Macedonia. After his father's death (B.C. 179) he continued the preparations for the renewal of the war with Rome, which was seen to be inevitable. The war, which broke out in B.C. 171, was at first ably sustained by Perseus; but in 168 he was defeated by L. A Emilius Paullus at Pydna, and shortly afterwards surrendered with his family to his conquerors. He graced the triumph of Paullus, and died in honorable retirement at Alba. The defeat of Perseus put an end to the independence of Macedonia, and extended even to Syria the terror of the Roman name ( 1 Maccabees 8:5).