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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( n.) A substance in the form of thin sheets or leaves intended to be written or printed on, or to be used in wrapping. It is made of rags, straw, bark, wood, or other fibrous material, which is first reduced to pulp, then molded, pressed, and dried.

(2): ( n.) A sheet, leaf, or piece of such substance.

(3): ( n.) A printed or written instrument; a document, essay, or the like; a writing; as, a paper read before a scientific society.

(4): ( n.) A printed sheet appearing periodically; a newspaper; a journal; as, a daily paper.

(5): ( v. t.) To put on paper; to make a memorandum of.

(6): ( a.) Of or pertaining to paper; made of paper; resembling paper; existing only on paper; unsubstantial; as, a paper box; a paper army.

(7): ( n.) A medicinal preparation spread upon paper, intended for external application; as, cantharides paper.

(8): ( n.) A paper containing (usually) a definite quantity; as, a paper of pins, tacks, opium, etc.

(9): ( v. t.) To cover with paper; to furnish with paper hangings; as, to paper a room or a house.

(10): ( n.) Decorated hangings or coverings for walls, made of paper. See Paper hangings, below.

(11): ( n.) Negotiable evidences of indebtedness; notes; bills of exchange, and the like; as, the bank holds a large amount of his paper.

(12): ( v. t.) To fold or inclose in paper.

King James Dictionary [2]

PA'PER, n. L. papyrus, the name of an Egyptian plant, from which was made a kind of paper.

1. A substance formed into thin sheets on which letters and figures are written or printed. Paper is made of different materials but among us it is usually made of linen or cotton rags. A fine paper is made of silk, particularly for bank-notes,which require to be very thin. 2. A piece of paper. 3. A single sheet printed or written as a daily paper a weekly paper a periodical paper referring to essays, journals,newspapers, &c. 4. Any written instrument, whether note, receipt, bill, invoice, bond, memorial, deed, and the like. The papers lie on the speaker's table.

They brought a paper to me to be signed.

5. A promissory note or notes or a bill of exchange as negotiable paper. 6. Hangings printed or stamped paper for covering the walls of rooms.

PA'PER, a. Made of paper consisting of paper.

1. Thin slight as a paper wall.

PA'PER, To cover with paper to furnish with paper hangings as, to paper a room or a house.

1. To register. Not used. 2. To fold or inclose in paper.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [3]

1: Χάρτης (Strong'S #5489 — Noun Masculine — chartes — khar'-tace )

"a sheet of paper made of strips of papyrus" (whence Eng., "paper"), Eng., "chart," "charter," etc.; the word is used in  2—John 1:12 . The papyrus reed grew in ancient times in great profusion in the Nile and was used as a material for writing. From Egypt its use spread to other countries and it was the universal material for writing in general in Greece and Italy during the most flourishing periods of their literature.

 Revelation 5:1

Easton's Bible Dictionary [4]

 Isaiah 19:7

In  2 John 1:12 the word is used in its proper sense. The material so referred to was manufactured from the papyrus, and hence its name. The papyrus (Heb. gome) was a kind of bulrush (q.v.). It is mentioned by (  Job 8:11 ) and ( Isaiah 35:7 ). It was used for many purposes. This plant (Papyrus Nilotica) is now unknown in Egypt; no trace of it can be found. The unaccountable disappearance of this plant from Egypt was foretold by ( Isaiah 19:6,7 ) as a part of the divine judgment on that land. The most extensive papyrus growths now known are in the marshes at the northern end of the lake of Merom.

Smith's Bible Dictionary [5]

Paper. See Writing .

Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament [6]

See Writing.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [7]

PAPER. See Writing, § 6 .

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [8]

pā´pẽr . See Crafts , II, 13; Papyrus; Reed; Writing .