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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( n.) The female of the horse and other equine quadrupeds.

(2): ( n.) Sighing, suffocative panting, intercepted utterance, with a sense of pressure across the chest, occurring during sleep; the incubus; - obsolete, except in the compound nightmare.

Holman Bible Dictionary [2]


International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [3]

mâr ((1) סוּסה , ṣūṣāh , "steed," the King James Version "company of horses"; Septuagint ἡ ἴππος , hı́ppos , "mare" (  Song of Solomon 1:9 ); (2) הרמּכים בּני , benē - rammākhı̄m , "bred of the stud," the King James Version and the Revised Version margin "young dromedaries" ( Esther 8:10 ); compare Arabic ramakat , "mare"): The word "mare" does not occur in English Versions of the Bible, but in  Song of Solomon 1:9 we find ṣūṣāh , the feminine of ṣūṣ , "horse," and in  Esther 8:10 , benē - rammākhı̄m is by some translated "sons of mares." See Camel; Horse .