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Laurentius [1]

a noted prelate of the early English Church (Anglo-Saxon period), flourished in the first half of the 7th century (A.D. 605) as successor of St. Augustine suggested for the archbishopric by Augustine himself. Under the reign of Eadbald, the successor of Ethelbert, when England was in danger of a return to heathenish practices by Eadbald's marriage of his own mother-in-law, Laurentius shrewdly managed affairs for the benefit of Christianity; he induced the king to renounce his incestuous marriage, and to embrace the Christian faith. See Churton, Hist. Early in Engl. Church, page 41 sq.; Mosheim, Eccles. Hist. book 2. cent. 7, part 1, chapter 1, § 2, and note (5).