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Hyponoia [1]

( Ὑπόνοια , Under Sense), a term applied to the Hidden Meaning supposed by some to underlie the language of Scripture. If by this is understood a signification totally different from the plain statements, the theory is to be condemned as savoring of mysticism (q.v.); but if it is only intended to designate the collateral and ulterior application of language which has likewise a more obvious or literal import, it may be received to a limited degree. (See Double Sense). The Scriptures themselves authorize such a view of the deeper significance of Holy Writ, especially of prophecies which necessarily await their fulfillment in order to their complete elucidation ( 1 Peter 1:11); and the apostle John accordingly invites his readers to the close examination of his symbols, under which, for prudential considerations, was couched a somewhat enigmatical allusion ( Revelation 13:18). (See Interpretation). To infer from this, however, that the sacred writers were not themselves aware of the meaning of what they uttered or penned is to take an unworthy and false view of their intelligent instrumentality (Stier, Words of Jesus, 1, 432 sq., Am. ed.). (See Inspiration).