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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Ho'ram. (Mountainous). King of Gezer, at the time of the conquest of the southwestern part of Palestine.  Joshua 10:33.

Holman Bible Dictionary [2]

 Joshua 10:33 Joshua 16:10 1 Kings 9:16

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [3]

Horam . A king of Gezer defeated and slain by Joshua (  Joshua 10:33 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [4]

King of Gezer, who helped Lachish, but fell before Joshua ( Joshua 10:33).

Morrish Bible Dictionary [5]

King of Gezer conquered by Joshua.  Joshua 10:33 .

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [6]

(Heb. Horam', הֹרָם , Lofty; Sept. ᾿Ωράμ 5. r. Ε᾿Λάμ , Αἰλάμ ), the king of Gezer, who, coming to the relief of Lachish, was overthrown by Joshua ( Joshua 10:33). B.C. 1618.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [7]

hō´ram ( הרם , hōrām , "height"): a king of Gezer defeated by Joshua when he came to the help of Lachish, which Joshua was besieging (  Joshua 10:33 ).