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Hippo [1]

in Africa, now called Bona, a maritime colony. (See Schaff, Ch. Hist. 3, 993, note 1.) A general council was held at this place in 393. Aurelius, bishop of Carthage, presided. Augustine made a discourse before the council on the subject of faith, the Creed, and against the Manichaeans. Forty-one canons were agreed to, which were taken as the model for after councils." The first express definition of the N.T. Canon, in the form in which it has since been universally retained, was fixed at the council of A.D. 393, at Hippo." Another council was held in 426, in which Augustine appointed Eradius his successor, requiring Eradius, however, in accordance with the canon of Nicoea, to remain in his priestly office until Augustine's death. Smith, Tables of Church History; Landon, Manual of Councils; Schaff, Church History, 1, § 75; 3. 609.