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Herbert [1]

a French prelate, was born at Vouvnay, in Maine. He was at first prior of Clermont, in Maine, and then abbot of Fontaines-les-Blanches, in the diocese of Tours. Having got into a quarrel with Thibauld, count of Blois, he returned to Maine, where he became abbot of Clermont in 1179. Finally, in 1184, he was made bishop of Rennes; in 1190 he accompanied Richard, king of England, to Domfront. While at Rennes he had a difference with Andrew, lord of Vitr, whom he excommunicated until he obtained his entire submission. In 1198 the pope sent him to Bourgueil, on the frontier of Tours, to restore the good order of that monastery. He died at Relnnes, December 11, 1198. See Hoefer, Nouv. Biog. Generale, s.v.