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Harel [1]

(Heb. with the art. ha-Harel', הִהִרְאֵל , The Mount Of God; Sept. Τὸ Ἀριήλ , Vulg. Ariel, Engl. Vers. "the altar,"marg. "Harel"), a figurative name for the altar of burnt-offering ( Ezekiel 43:15, first clause), called (in the last clause and in  Ezekiel 43:16) Ariel (Engl.Version also "altar"). "Junius explains it of the Fiaxdpa or hearth of the altar of burnt-offering, covered by the network on which the sacrifices were placed over the burning wood. This explanation Gesenius adopts, and brings forward as a parallel the Arab. Ireh, a hearth or fireplace,' akin to the Heb. אוּר , sr, light, flame.' Furst (Handw. s.v.) derives it from-an unused root הָרָא , hard, to glow, burn,' with the termination el; but the only authority for the root is its presumed existence in the word Harel. Ewald (Die Propheten des A. B. 2, 373) identifies Harel and Ariel, and refers them both to a root אָרָה , ar ah, akin to אוּר , Ir"