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Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary [1]

This word is found in Scripture only at the head, or title page, of several Psalms; namely,  Psalms 8:1-9;  Psalms 81:1-16 and  Psalms 84:1-12. Various have been the opinions of the learned concerning it, and for the most part different. Some contend, that it means the wine-presses. Others will insist, that it refers to some musical instruments used in the temple-service. Some derive it from the word Gath; and, therefore, conclude it refers to that city. And another class suppose it means Goliah, the Gittite. But be it what it may, certain it is, that the knowledge of it in the present hour cannot be very important, as God the Holy Ghost hath not thought it essential to be known by the church. The Psalms which bear this name in the title, are not less blessed for our ignorance on this point; though if it be, as it is possible it may have, a reference to the Lord Jesus Christ, it would be gratifying to know it.

See Musician

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [2]

The word Gittish signifies belonging to Gath. It probably denotes either a musical instrument or a kind of music derived from Gath, where David sojourned for a time during the persecution of Saul,  1 Samuel 27:1-7 . The word Gath also signifies in Hebrew a winepress. Hence not a few have supposed that it denotes either an instrument or a melody used in the vintage. It is prefixed to  Psalm 8:1-9;  81:1 -  16;  84:1-12 , all of which requires an animated strain of music.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [3]

Title Psalm 8; Psalm 81; Psalm 84: An instrument, or else tune, invented in Gath, from whence David brought it after his sojourn there with Achish ( 1 Samuel 27:2). Others take it from garb, "a winepress," being used on occasions of joy like the vintage; all three psalms having a joyous character. There may be an enigmatical reference to Messiah treading the winepress ( Isaiah 63:3;  Revelation 19:15):

People's Dictionary of the Bible [4]

Gittith ( Gĭt'Tith ), A Musical Instrument. A word found in the titles of  Psalms 8:1-9;  Psalms 81:1-16;  Psalms 84:1-12. The derivation of the word is uncertain.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [5]

Apparently a musical instrument, the nature of which is unknown. From its name it has been supposed to have formerly been used at Gath. Others connect it with Obed-edom the Gittite. It occurs only in the headings of  Psalm 8;  81; and 84.

Holman Bible Dictionary [6]

 Psalm 8:1 Psalm 81:1 Psalm 84:1

Easton's Bible Dictionary [7]

 Psalm 88184,81,84

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [8]

GITTITH . See Psalms (titles).

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [9]

(Heb. Gittith', גַּתַּית , prob. for נְגֶנֶת , and so kindred with Neginoth a stringed instrument of music ( Psalms 8:1;  Psalms 81:1;  Psalms 84:1). The term seems to be derived (with the Targums) from the city GATH, not (with the Sept. Ὑπὲρ Τῶν Ληνῶν ) from a wine-press (as a vintage-song, Michael. Suppl . page 382); nor from the root נָגִן , to strike (Redslob, De praecepto Nus., etc., Lips. 1831, page 24), Gesenius, Tanes. Hebr. page 849. On the other hand, Furst (Concord. page 256) derives it from גָּתִת , to deepen, and calls it "a musical instrument curved and hollow (syn. חָלַיל );" as in his Heb. Lex. page 304, he says it is the name of "a musical body of Levites who had their chief seat in the Levitical city of Gath-rimmon, the word in the titles of Psalms not being capable of an interpretation referringr to instruments or airs." (See Psalms).

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [10]

Git´tith. A word which occurs in the title of Psalms 8; Psalms 81; Psalms 84 [[[Psalms, Book Of]]]