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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [1]

A — 1: Ἴδιος (Strong'S #2398 — Adjective — idios — id'-ee-os )

"one's own," is applied to kairos, "a season," in  Galatians 6:9 , "in due season," i.e., in the season Divinely appointed for the reaping. So in  1—Timothy 2:6 , "the testimony to be borne in its own (AV, 'due') times (seasons);"  1—Timothy 6:15 , "in its own (idios) times (seasons);" similarly in  Titus 1:3 . See Business , B.


B — 1: Ὀφείλω (Strong'S #3784 — — opheilo — of-i'-lo, of-i-leh'-o )

signifies "to owe, to be indebted," especially financially,  Matthew 18:30 , RV, "that which was due;"  Matthew 18:34 , "all that was due." See Behove , Bound (to be).

B — 2: Δεῖ (Strong'S #1163 — Verb — dei — die, deh-on' )

an impersonal verb signifying "it is necessary," is translated "was due" in  Romans 1:27 , RV (AV, "was meet"). See Behove.

C — 1: Ὀφειλή (Strong'S #3782 — Noun Feminine — opheile — of-i-lay' )

akin to B, No. 1, is rendered "dues" in  Romans 13:7 . In  1—Corinthians 7:3 , RV, it is translated "her due" (the AV, "due benevolence" follows another reading).

 Matthew 24:45 Luke 12:42 Romans 5:6  1—Peter 5:6 1—Corinthians 15:8Beget

King James Dictionary [2]

DUE, a. Du. L., Gr., to bind. It has no connection with owe.

1. Owed that ought to be paid or done to another. That is due from me to another which contract, justice or propriety requires me to pay, and which he may justly claim as his right. Reverence is due to the creator civility is due from one man to another. Money is due at the expiration of the credit given, or at the period promised. 2. Proper fit appropriate suitable becoming required by the circumstances as, the event was celebrated with due solemnities. Men seldom have a due sense of their depravity. 3. Seasonable as, he will come in due time. 4. Exact proper as, the musicians keep due time. 5. Owing to occasioned by. Little used. 6. That ought to have arrived, or to be present, before the time specified as, two mails are now due.

DUE, adv. Directly exactly as a due east course.

DUE, n.

1. That which is owed that which one contracts to pay, do or perform to another that which law or justice requires to be paid or done. The money that I contract to pay to another is his due the service which I covenant to perform to another is his due reverence to the creator is his due. 2. That which office, rank, station, social relations, or established rules of right or decorum, require to be given, paid or done. Respect and obedience to parents and magistrates are their due. 3. That which law or custom requires as toll, tribute, fees of office, or other legal perquisites. 4. Right just title.

The key of this infernal pit by due--I keep.

DUE, To pay as due. Not used.

Webster's Dictionary [3]

(1): ( a.) Justly claimed as a right or property; proper; suitable; becoming; appropriate; fit.

(2): ( a.) Owed, as a debt; that ought to be paid or done to or for another; payable; owing and demandable.

(3): ( a.) Such as (a thing) ought to be; fulfilling obligation; proper; lawful; regular; appointed; sufficient; exact; as, due process of law; due service; in due time.

(4): ( a.) Appointed or required to arrive at a given time; as, the steamer was due yesterday.

(5): ( a.) Owing; ascribable, as to a cause.

(6): ( adv.) Directly; exactly; as, a due east course.

(7): ( v. t.) To endue.

(8): ( n.) Right; just title or claim.

(9): ( n.) That which is owed; debt; that which one contracts to pay, or do, to or for another; that which belongs or may be claimed as a right; whatever custom, law, or morality requires to be done; a fee; a toll.