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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( n.) The Dragon, a northern constellation within which is the north pole of the ecliptic.

(2): ( n.) A luminous exhalation from marshy grounds.

(3): ( n.) A genus of lizards. See Dragon, 6.

King James Dictionary [2]

Draco n. See Dragon.

1. In astronomy, a constellation of the northern hemisphere, containing according to Flamstead, eighty stars. 2. A luminous exhalation from marshy grounds. 3. A genus of animals of two species. See Dragon.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [3]

A celebrated Athenian law-giver, who first gave stability to the State by committing the laws to writing, and establishing the Ephetæ, or court of appeal, 621 B.C.; only he punished every transgressor of his laws with death, so that his code became unbearable, and was superseded ere long by a milder, instituted by Solon, who affixed the penalty of death to murder alone; he is said to have justified the severity of his code by maintaining that the smallest crime deserved death, and he knew no severer punishment for greater; it is said he was smothered to death in the theatre by the hats and cloaks showered on him as a popular mark of honour; he was archon of Athens.