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Dorotheus [1]

(1) Martyr with Castor at Tarsus, in Cilicia; commemorated March 28.

(2) Martyr with Gorgonius at Nicomedia, under Diocletian; commemorated September 9. There are two other saints of the same name commemorated on this day one, an anchorite of Thebes, in Egypt, cir. A.D. 395; the other, a founder of a monastery at Trebizond. in the 11th century, over which he is said to have presided many years; but there appears to be some confusion in the name, perhaps by an identification with one or more of the four archimandrites of Palestine who are reported under this name.

(3) First abbot of Lyons, in France, in the 3d century.

(4) A deacon of Antioch, A.D. 372.

(5) A presbyter sent by Basil to seek help from the Roman bishops, A.D. 373.

(6) An Arian bishop (also called Theodorus) of Antioch 'during' the Melitian schism, A.D. 376.

(7) Abbot of a nunnery in Athribia (Egypt), cir. A.D. 431.

(8) A monk of Alexandria; banished by the emperor Anastasius, cir. A.D. 502, for writing a book in favor of the decrees of the Council of Chalcedon.

(9) Bishop of Thessalonica, A.D. 515-20.

(10) A monk (also called Droctovaeus) of great virtue, appointed abbot of St. Vincent (France) A.D. 559.