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Bond [1]

( אֵָסר , Esar', or אַסָּר , Issar', a moral Obligation; Δεσμός , a physical means of restraint) is used for an obligation of any kind in  Numbers 30:2;  Numbers 30:4;  Numbers 30:12, (See Vow); metaphorically, the word signifies oppression, captivity, affliction ( Psalms 116:16;  Philippians 1:7). (See Captivity). The influences of the Holy Spirit are called the bond of peace ( Ephesians 4:3). Charity or Christian love is called the bond of perfectness, because it completes the Christian character ( Colossians 3:14). Bonds are also bands or chains worn by prisoners ( Acts 20:23;  Acts 25:14) bound or subjected to slavery ( 1 Corinthians 12:13;  Revelation 6:15). (See Prison).