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Bonaparte [1]

Name of a celebrated family of Italian origin settled in Corsica; the principal members of it were:

orn at Ajaccio, 1744; died at Montpellier, 1785; married, 1767.

orn at Ajaccio, 1750; died at Rome, 1836; of this union were born eight children:

ecame king of Naples, 1806; king of Spain from 1808 to 1813; retired to United States after Waterloo; returned to Europe, and died at Florence, 1844. Napoleon I. ( q. v .).

i>b . 1775; became president of the Council of the Five Hundred, and prince of Canino; died in Viterbo, 1840.

i>b . 1777; married Felix Bacciochi, who became prince of Lucca; died at Trieste, 1826.

i>b . 1778; married Hortense de Beauharnais; father of Napoleon III.; king of Holland (from 1806 to 1810); died at Leghorn, 1846.

i>b . 1780; married General Leclerc, 1801; afterwards, in 1803, Prince Camille Borghese; became Duchess of Guastalla; died at Florence, 1825.

i>b . 1782; married Marat in 1800; became Grand-duchess of Berg and Clèves, then queen of Naples; died at Florence, 1839. Jerome, b . 1784, king of Westphalia (from 1807 to 1813); marshal of France in 1850; married, by second marriage, Princess Catherine of Würtemburg; died in 1860; his daughter, the Princess Mathilde, b . 1820, and his son, Prince Napoleon, called Jerome, b . 1822, married Princess Clothilde, daughter of Victor Emmanuel, of which marriage was born Prince Victor Napoleon in 1862.