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beth (in proper names; Greek transliteration in Septuagint, βηθ , bēth , baith , or beth ): This is the English transliteration for the Hebrew בּית , bēth , meaning "house," "tent," "place." It occurs in many compound proper names formed similarly to the method of compounding words in the German language, as shown in the articles immediately following. Thus we have bēth ‛ănāth or ‛ănoth = "house of replies" ( Joshua 19:38;  Judges 1:33 ); bēth'ēl = "house of God" ( Genesis 12:8;  Genesis 13:3 ), etc. We also find the word in hybrid formations, e.g. Βηθφαγή , Bēthphagḗ = Bethphage = "fig house" ( Matthew 21:1 ).