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Holman Bible Dictionary [1]

 Joshua 15:24 Joshua 19:8 2 1 Kings 4:16

Smith's Bible Dictionary [2]

Be'aloth. (Ladies). A town in the extreme south of Judah.  Joshua 15:24.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [3]

Bealoth (  Joshua 15:24 ). An unknown town in the extreme south of Judah. See Balah.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [4]

City in the south of Judah.  Joshua 15 .  24 .

Easton's Bible Dictionary [5]

 Joshua 15:24 1 Kings 4:16

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [6]

A town on the extreme S. of Judah ( Joshua 15:24). Feminine plural of Baal.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [7]

(Heb. Bealoth', בְּעָלוֹת , the plur. fem. of Baal, signifying prob. Citizens; Sept. Βααλώθ v. r. Βαλώθ and Βαλμαινάν ), the name of two places.

1. A town in the southern part of Judah (i.e. in Simeon), mentioned in connection with Telem and Hazor ( Joshua 15:24); evidently different from either of the two places called Baalath ( Joshua 15:9;  Joshua 15:29), but probably the same as the BAALATH-BEER (See Baalath-Beer) (q.v.) of chap. 19:8. Schwarz (Palest. p. 100) thinks it is a "Kulat al-Baal situated 7.5 English miles S.E. of Telem and N.W. of Zapha;" but no such names appear on any modern map, and the region indicated is entirely south of the bounds of Palestine.

2. A district of Asher, of which Baanah ben-Hushai was Solomon's commissariat ( 1 Kings 4:16, where the Auth. Vers. renders incorrectly "in Aloth," Sept. Ἐν Βααλώθ , Vulg. In Baloth ) ; apparently = "adjacent Cities, " i.e. the sea-coast, where the river Beleus ( Βήλεος , Joseph. War, 2, 10:2) may be a trace of the name. (See Belus). Schwarz ( Palest. p. 237) unnecessarily identifies it with Baal-gad or Laish.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [8]

bē´a - loth ( בּעלות , be‛ālōth  ; Βαλώθ , Balō̇th ): An unidentified city of Judah in the Negeb ( Joshua 15:24 ).