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Ash-Cake [1]

( עֻגָה , Ugah', or עֻגָּה , Uggah', " cake," "cake baked on the hearth,"  Genesis 18:6;  Genesis 19:3;  1 Kings 17:13;  Ezekiel 4:12, etc.; Sept. Ἐγκρυφία ) , a thin round pancake baked over hot sand or a slab of stone by means of ashes or coals put over them, or between two layers of hot embers of the dung of cows or camels (see Schubert, iii, 28; Arvieux, iii, 227). Such are still relished in the East (by the Arabs of the desert) as a tolerably delicious dish (see Thevenot, ii, 12, p. 235; Schweigger, p. 283; Niebuhr, Beschr. p. 52). (See Cake). Such cake is made especially when there is not much time for baking. It must be turned in order to be baked through and not to burn on one side ( Hosea 7:8). It was made commonly of wheat flour ( Genesis 18:6). Barley-cakes are mentioned (for the time of scareit) in  Ezekiel 4:12. (See Bread);