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Charles Buck Theological Dictionary [1]

A term implying all testimonies or authentic accounts that have come down to us of ancient nations. As the study of antiquity may be useful both to the enquiring Christian, as well as to those who are employed in, or are candidates for the Gospel ministry, we shall here subjoin a list of those which are esteemed the most valuable.

Fabricii Bibliographia Antiquaria; Sense be Legibus Heb. Ritualibus; Godwyn's Moses and Aaron; Bingham's Antiquities of the Christian Church; Brown's Antiquities of the Jews; Potter's and Harwood's Greek and Kennett's and Adam's Roman Antiquities; Preface to the Prussian Testament, published by L'Enfant and Beausobre; Prideaux and Shuckford's Connections; Jones's Asiatic Researches; and Maurice's Indian Antiquities.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(pl.) of Antiquity