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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Alam'melech. (King'S Oak). A place within the limits of Asher, named between Achshaph and Amad.  Joshua 19:26 only.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [2]

("king's oak".) A place in Asher's territory ( Joshua 19:26).

Morrish Bible Dictionary [3]

City on the border of Asher.  Joshua 19:26 .

Holman Bible Dictionary [4]


Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [5]

(Hebrew Allamme'lek, אִלִּמֶּלֶךְ , perhaps King'S Oak: Sept. Ε᾿Λμέλεχ ), a town on the border of the tribe of Asher, mentioned between Achshaph and Amad ( Joshua 19:26). Schwarz remarks (Palest. p. 191) that the name may be indicative of a location on the branch of the Kishon still called Nahr El-Melek; perhaps at the ruins El-Harbaji (Van de Velde, Memoir, p. 283).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [6]

a - lam´e - lek  : the King James Version ( Joshua 19:26 ) for Allammelech (which see).